Choosing a School Photographer

What you need to consider:

What does a Professional School Photographer do?

Choosing a school photographer?

If you search a list of “School Photographers” you will get a quick list of results. Of course you also have the brochures from pail mail ins too. So now its time to review them… and make a choice

School & Pre-school photography is a highly specialised business. It relies upon the skill of the Photographer to get Volume images at speed, that will please your school’s Parents.

The Photographer will need to not just produce great photographic Images on the day but also have great technical knowledge and experience.

Your choice of Photographer should also be backed up a National Photography Association giving you the confidence you are using a true professional. I am a Qualified member of the MPA (Master Photographer’s Association)

We offer traditional parent pack photos for Pre-Schools, Primary, Secondary Schools and Academies. We also Produce:

  • Prospectus and Website images. 
  • Storyboard display presentations
  • Other Marketing Photograpgs for PR
  • Prom photography. 

A true all encompassing service for schools.

Understanding Photographer’s Insurance 

Every Professional Photographer should carry Full public liability insurance cover to protect the School is not liable for any accidents thus that the blame doesn’t fall to the School. You must ensure your photographer has this to protect you. Also as a School Governor the level of service and support is second to none with Essay Photography.

Safeguarding for children and GDPR regulations are all factors to consider in your choice of Photographer and how they deal in these delicate aspects

National School Photography Companies and Your Local Professional Photographer – What is Best?

You may catch sight of some beautiful sample photos on the Photography company’s website, but how do you know these photos have been taken by the photographer you’ll be using?

Inevitably these will not have been taken by your photographer. In most cases the photographer in large companies are part time workers and have no input post taking the images.

We take pride in taking the images, editing and production of these by the same pair of hands. We use Local printing company to protect the local economy.

Many larger companies take on new photographers from adverts saying ‘no experience needed’ who are then sent out to Schools after a very short period of training. This approach doesn’t replace real photographic knowledge and experience built up over years. Often you may get a different photographer every year and the calibre of the work may vary. This practice is likely to affect sales and result in complaints from parents.

Schools & Pre-schools are now recognising that a smaller company can approach their needs producing a much higher quality of photographic image and provide a flexible service at a much lower cost to parents. With the same photographer year on year.​​​​​

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