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“Music was my first love and it will be my last Music of the future and music of the past

 to live without my music would be impossible to do,

but in this world of trouble my music pulls me through.”

- John Miles

Music Artists Photography

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Music Photography has been with me for the past 40 years and its where i find myself at home.

We have photographed many concerts over the years and produced work for album sleeves, press releases and websites. Recently we have been producing Music Videos for Bands and artists. Similarly headshots for press releases too.

Below are listed some of my recent work

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Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams is a soulful fingerpicker, slide guitarist, songwriter and singer celebrating 30 years since the release of his 1st album. "At the top of his game,” says Blues In Britain


Hannah Aldridge

Hannah Aldridge is the true essence of Americana, whose musical pedigree precedes her and speaks for itself. She is the daughter of Walt Aldridge, one of the most prolific songwriters of the modern musical era. Hannah is rapidly carving out her own niche, style and loyal following.



Britpop Band from the midlands - completed many shoots with these guys and filmed & produced 3 Videos:

Where do you Begin?

You Gave:

Finding my Way:


Luther Soul

Studio shoot with Luther Soul. A Powerful, dynamic and versatile lead singer/vocalist. Multiple releases on independent labels including Spinnin Records and Armada Records with extensive airplay on BBC Radio1


Janet Devlin

Images from Janet Devlin singing live in Birmingham. Janet has a distinctive voice that is so recognisable as her.

The Northern Irish musician is famous for het time on X-Factor and now she is creating music, poetry and vlogs