Headshots for corporates and businesses are  “The New Handshake” – Your headshot is the first introduction to you, your business and your personal brand. Don’t you think that your introduction should be the best it can be? We will show you how.

Making your product or service stand out in this increasingly visual and Social Media world is now more important than ever. Striking images and Video, that communicates your message is very powerful if used correctly. So what options do you have?

When it comes to creating and selecting appropriate images you have a number of options.

  • Self Creation – Your Mobile Phone
  • Stock images – Shutter stock and other sources online
  • Bespoke Professional Photography and Video

Self Created content is very personal and spontaneous and works with many sectors well I.e. personal trainer. NB: Self Creation drives authenticity but will sacrifice quality

Stock images – very generic and one covers all strategy – but not very customer centricNB: stock images will provide quality but you will almost certainly have to sacrifice authenticity.

Bespoke professional photography – a professional photographer will firstly assess what your business goals are, What your Brand stands for and understands colour Theory to deliver a set of on – brand images that deliver a unique message for your business. NB: Bespoke photography, Provides the opportunity to produce both high quality and also authentic content.

Corporate Headshot

The Brand Headshot Photographer

Are you aware that over 93% of HR professionals and recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find quality candidates
and at least 2 in 3 are on Facebook,
more than half are utilising Twitter?

Remember that your headshot also has countless applications in your professional life for lots of publication needs and marketing.

Should your profile pic be the family vacation? the fun night out? or even worse – the logo or abstract shot?

A powerful, compelling and confidence-building headshot that makes prospective clients, employers and partners want to click “Connect!”

King Edwards Consortium – Images for the Cosortiun for their marketing and recruitment

headshot Birmingham
solihull headshot photographer
Professional Headshot

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