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Hi I Am Sean, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer in solihull and we are Professional Photographers of Essay Photography and “The Dream Xperience”.

We are storytellers for Wedding inspired and Fashion Portraits.  Our speciality is in Editorial and fashion styled Portraiture. We are Solihull based in the West Midlands, so never too far from most parts of the UK. 

By providing the highest quality images we are known for our bright and vibrant Images for The School Market and Dance Studios too 

We create images “ABOUT” people and not just “OF” people.  There is a difference and in our photography and you will see it.

  Email Us: or pick up the phone and lets chat Mobile: 07974 356546

The Dream Xperience – a makeover like no other

Spending time with us “The Dream Team” is always fun we offer a full experience and immerse you into our world of make Up, Hair and editorial Photography.

Trust us with a couple of hours  of your time and we will produce some beautiful memories that will last a lifetime and a set of images that you will be happy to share with your partner, family and friends.

Contact us below for one of  your free guides:

The original Dream Xperience  |  Present for the Groom  |  Cherish The Dress

Fashion Books

CHERISH THE DRESS - Professional Fashion Portraits

Creative Wedding Photographer

Looking for a chance to wear your wedding dress again? Why not choose your wedding & Portrait Photographer from the Dream Xperience and have one of our “CHERISH THE DRESS” portrait shoots to produce something a bit edgy and fashion inspired for your wall? After the excitement of your wedding day and honeymoon has passed this is the perfect excuse for you to grab the dress and cherish it one more time. 

We choose unique locations to compliment your wedding dress and give you the opportunity to have that special image that you have always sought after. The wedding mat not have had the right conditions for you but here you can control all these elements and design your own shoot. 

Complete with Make up and hair we give you an unforgettable experience.

For More Information and to get our free Guide click below:

Makeover Photoshoot

Hi Ladies absolutely loved yesterday, we had such an amazing day. Sean is amazing the day was just brilliant getting to wear your dress again and having your hair and make up done is such a lovely experience, and having some beautiful pictures, memories you’ll cherish forever 


GROOM'S Gift - A Special Present for your groom (delivered on wedding morning)

Before your wedding day arrives why not book a pre-wedding photoshoot to capture some special images that can be wrapped and presented to your future partner on the wedding morning? This unique gift will set the scene for your wedding day when your groom opens a special set of images taken just for him!

Pre Wedding Shoot

Delivered to your partner in the morning of your wedding day is such a big surprise for them.

A special set of images presented in a Box with a ribbon for him to open on your wedding morning something totally unexpected!

Usually a set of beautiful intimate images either in a mini album or presented in a presentation box with a ribbon and a greeting message. 

Birmingham makeover

I had a Photo Shoot with the wedding & Portrait Photographer from The Dream Xperience, Sean, the team work amazing and made me feel very comfortable and confident. I would recommend to anyone such a lovely group of people.



At Essay Photography, we provide a full makeover service with professional images that you will be proud of We offer professional hair and makeup services not to make you look better, but to help you see that you are gorgeous. When you know how fabulous you are, that confidence exudes from your photos, and that makes such a drastic difference between what you see in the mirror and your pictures.

It’s not about how you look but rather how you feel about the way vou look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all need. Confidence, self acceptance and personality is what I bring out in the women I photograph. I need you to know you’re perfect now. It is my job to coach and find the model within you that I know is there. Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get to busy with our lives, our family & our job.

This experience is for you to feel that again … because you truly are perfect right now.For More Information and to get our free Guide Click here

Makeover Shoot Solihull
Dream Makeover Photoshoot
Birmingham Makeover

What is stopping you – enquire for one of our unique shoots with Michelle, Gaby Rachel And Amelia on hand it is a great experience that you can even share with a group of friends. We have a full 32 page guide to help you click below for further details:

Dare to be different, be a pioneer, be a leader, Be the kind of woman who in this face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly towards any challenge. Ladies BOOK your Dream Xperience today   Alice


As a hair salon owner you have the chance to share you craft with the world though all channels in marketing and we can support you with our photography and video to help elevate you against your competition. We offer hair Shoots in your salon for entries into the L’Oreal Colour Trophy taking many salons into the finals. As our fashion approach to being a Wedding & Portrait Photographer really helps to inspire creativity to our Photo Shoots.

Fashion Photoshoot Solihull
Solihull Hair Photography
Sutton coldfield Hair Photographer

Sean is amazing. He’s been taking a plethora of magnificent photographs for me, in many situations for years now. He is always warm, professional, knowledgable. He puts you at ease, suggests ideas and shots and poses without being pushy or intrusive. He listens to you and takes it on to help produce some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of myself and my family

He’s brilliant and his work no exception to his brilliance. Long may I continue to capture my life in pictures at the hands of Sean and Essay… what a way to tell my story. Keep doing it Sean – thank you. Juliette.



Award winning Wedding Photographer
Solihull Wedding Photographer
Solihull Wedding Photographer
Wedding & Portrait Photography Solihull

Here is a look back over the last 20 years of experience in Wedding photography with Essay Photography. We have been blessed to shoot a variety of weddings in many venues and have very much enjoyed those years, whilst now we are focussed on Portrait Photography for our client. Here are just a few highlights of our time spent with our clients capturing these special moments.  .


Music Artist Photography has been a passion of Essay Photography for the last 30 years and have had the pleasure of photographing some Iconic legends during this time.

We are not just a wedding & Portrait Photographer – we Photograph Professional Photography for music artists for use on PR and album covers. We provide images in studio, on location and live including video.

We also love to work with local and upcoming artists too to give them a leg up so to speak and below are some samples of recent times. Further information on our Music Photography dedicate page here

I have used Essay Photography several times for various different projects and would highly recommend. Sean is a pleasure to deal with; highly professional and efficient, whilst also bursting with ideas and incredibly friendly too. I have recommended him to several businesses and am about to use him again for a third time.

Nina Clarke

Dream Dance Sessions

Dance Photographer solihull
Dance Photographer Birmingham

Inspiring Dance Photography Sessions for yourself or your Dance School. We love to create the Extraordinary Art from the Ordinary!

Our dance sessions are always a fun experience and even the shy members get great support and confidence at out Photo Shoot Sessions.

How are these sessions booked?

We offer a choice of options and studios – we are happy to bring our Creativity to your dance school and set up during the usual times that you teach or we offer specially booked sessions for al types of dance from Aerial to Street to Ballet – we have you covered

Talk with us – we love to talk dance


Brand Photography is a suite of professional images that represent your brand visually, and fit with your brand identity. More than just a Headshot, these can include photographs of you, your team, your products and/or service, your processes, your environments, your life, and details that uniquely tell the story of your brand. Designed for marketing use, to enable business owners to grow their brand and stand out from the competition, to attract clients, and make more sales.

We don’t photograph products, things or objects we photograph people – Real People and we tell your story to engage you new clients, its that simple. For in 

business video and photography
Corporate Photography

Check out our dedicated page to Brand Photoshoot below with everything you will need to know BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY


Your Headshot should be about you and also tell a story of who you are and what you are about. A modern headshot is more of an environmental/ Lifestyle Photo Shoot than an old aged studio shot on a white background. This speaks volumes about you to your customers – chat to us so we can show you off to your customers.

Headshot Portrait

No studio photos here just a true honest portrait of an MD at home in his workplace as it should be.

Authenticity from the outset in a Headshot is where the future is at

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