Terms and Conditions


We love what we do and as part of the professional makeup service we provide, we like to be clear regarding the way we work.  Our terms of business are for your benefit and for ours.

Dream Xperience Session   – Terms and Conditions 

The Agreement: for MakeUp and Hair  is between Michelle G Makeup Artist & The Client  for the entire booking

The Fee: The amount payable  by the Client (in full) to the Artist for the services listed below

The Party: Members of the Dream Xperience Photoshoot. 


 A) Booking Conditions

  1. We do ask that payments for our services are paid prior to The Xperience day – payment methods, Cash / Bank transfer 
  2. Xperience appointments are kept  within the time slot allocated, if there is an instance of excessive time over on a booking there will be a surcharge of £25 payable
  3.  Clients are expected to stay for the duration of the Xperience
  4. Parental consent is required for under 16 years of age.


 B) Health & Safety

  1. If anyone is excessively intoxicated we will not apply ANY makeup
  2. We ask that children do not sit on laps when we are applying makeup 
  3. We do have a no smoking policy, when we are working. . 
  4. Anyone having their makeup applied we will require a signed Client Declaration for this, Skin patch tests will be done on very sensitive skin. We accept no responsibility if you fail to disclose any underlying facial condition and a reaction occurs.
  5. Illness such as Influenza, Coronavirus, Stomach Bugs, Psoriasis, Impetigo, Conjunctivitis, you MUST let us know of this so we can make arrangements so that makeup can be applied, any of the above illnesses  client will need to bring their own makeup for us to apply – please chat with us to discuss
  6. Acts of god provisions, also called “Force Majeure”, relate to events outside human control, like flash floods, extreme weather conditions, part  snow, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. We cannot take responsibility for these and we are unable to offer any refunds or travel to the venue if the MET office has issued an Amber or  Red warning.
  7. We have a back up plan is in place  if a member of the team is unwell an alternative artist will be Provided.
  8. All your personal information is kept confidential and in line with GDPR legislation.   


 C) Payments.

  1. Booking fee of typically £65 and is a reservation fee for the Xperience day, and is non refundable.
  2. The makeup service we provide is not transferable to another person.
  3. After a booking is made and the client changes their mind after we have confirmed the booking we will not be able to offer any refunds,  we will offer 1 further re-appointment Free due to ilness   
  4. We are not able to offer any refunds if you cancel the booking for any reason within 7 days of the Xperience as the replacement booking will not be likely
  5. We do ask that payments for our services are dealt with at the trial and paid in full – payment methods, Cash / Bank transfer. 
  6. Strip lashes are £10 per set per person, at the Xperience session,  you can supply your own or if we supply and apply ours. 
  7. A comprehensive list of prices will be displayed on the wedding day. 
  8. Cheques are not accepted as a method of payment.  
  9. We offer Makeup Lessons, One to one lesson, Makeup Day, Party makeup, Christmas, Christening, Anniversary, Ask us for details.

D) Photography

1. Any deposit paid by the customer prior to commencement of the order is non-refundable unless Essay Photography (“the company”) is unable to complete the work as agreed.

2.. The customer will be sent a Confirmation of Products Ordered, proof of the work carried out. By approving the proof on out system, the customer accepts its content and releases the Company to commence work. the customer is solely responsible for the content of the proof once it has been approved

3. . The Company’s liability is expressly limited to the services indicated on the invoice and shall not be liable for any damages consequential or otherwise. All dates given are approximate.

 4. A Minimum of 50% Deposit must be placed at the time of placing an order for goods or services.

5. Any balances due on an order is payable on delivery. Title of the goods does not pass to the Customer until such time as valid payment is complete and made and received by the Company. 

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