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DREAM XPERIENCE Makeover Photoshoot - your Ultimate Pamper Experience

This is your “Dream Makeover Xperience” – Looking for the Real You or perhaps – a New You ? Your “DREAM XPERIENCE” will help you discover your inner beauty with one of our tailored packages of indulgence. We love to produce amazing images for our clients and create an experience for them – you will learn to see yourself differently – learn about styling and Make up and also receive a set of beautiful images all within your budget. We work with professional Make Up Artist Michelle and her team to produce outstanding results for you to be, the best you can ever be.

Our experiences are set in fabulous surroundings around the West Midlands. We choose settings to provide you with the best experience for your time with us creating memories for life.

It’s not about how you look but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence, self-acceptance and personality is what we bring out in the people we spend time with. Indulge yourself in our Dream Makeover Xperience.

Some of us forget what it is like to feel beautiful and strong along the way, we all get too busy with our family and our jobs and busy lives.

This experience is for you to feel beautiful again… because you are truly perfect right now… have a chat with us to see how we can help you.

Have a look at our choices for you below and let’s celebrate YOU

  YOUR Team – Sean , Michelle, Rach, Gaby & Amelia

Solihull Portrait & Fashion Photographer



Book one of our Makeover Dream Photoshoots and we will send you our FREE 32 page guide to your shoot including:

  • A guide to your make up and hair
  • What to wear
  • Planning your outfits
  • Posing
  • What to expect
  • A guide to the day of your Photoshoot


We provide professional hair and makeup services not to make you look better, but to help you have a pamper and relax for preparation for your set of beautiful Classy Images that are delivered to your groom on the wedding morning.

These are a unique set of special images crafted for your future partner and are as risque as you want them to be. Always classy and beautiful i So what exactly is “Suprise the Groom”? It’s your chance to wear something Classy and evoke emotion in your Groom when he opens it on the wedding morning.

Usually these are draw dropping memories for him and are a perfect prelude to your walk down the Aisle for it is these that will be last images he will see of the single you We select a beautiful backdrop for these intomate images which are indeed a set of professional editorial fashion set pictures.

Join us to “Suprise Your Groom”

Makeover Solihull


This is a unique opportunity for you to create some beautiful wall art by putting your dress back on and celebrate for one more time. So what exactly is “Cherish The Dress”?

It’s your chance to wear the dress for one more time but this time to create some draw dropping memories to compliment your wedding photos.

We select a backdrop with awesome views to capture a professional editorial fashion set of pictures. The first part is selecting you a unique backdrop. This tells a story about you it’s not just a picture of you.

A full makeover and Hair styling from the team will pamper you and set you up for a professional Editorial Fashion Shoot.

Join the team and “Cherish the Dress”

Trash the Dress


If you would like to Celebrate YOU as a couple here is the chance to glam up and join us in

“The Couple’s Xperience” Photo Shoot

This is the chance to surprise your partner or celebrate a special event and join us for a special makeover and photo shoot Celebrating you as a couple.

We look to create some beautiful wall art and choice of other pieces of art for you with a pamper day in one of our top locations we have scouted.

This is your chance to dress to impress – bring a few outfits and some jewellery and we will style, Do your Make Up an Hair and produce a set of High Quality Images for you both.

It’s your chance to wear the dress for one more time but this time to create some draw dropping memories to compliment your wedding photos. These are stories ABOUT you!


Dream Xperience Makeover Photoshoot
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