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A Short Story.. 

How School Photography can help with School admissions..

A few years back as usual I went to collect my 3 Children from their School – nothing special you may say about that but this day was very different and also life changing for the business too.

Sheltering under a canopy from the Autumnal rain – we had just returned to School after a wonderful Summer break, I shuffled over to allow one of the moms to shelter out of the weather. After a brief chat about the weather and return to school, this lady told me she was a new mom to the School. She and her family had moved northwards to Solihull from down south as her husbands had taken a promotion and thus relocation for the whole family.

We chatted about her family and which years her children were in and how they were settling in. She told me that they were new but felt the children felt very settled and the family feel that exists within the school. I asked her what made her choose the school she had. We know what a great School our children were in and I was intrigued to see her take as an outsider from the area. 

What I did not expect was the response she gave ….

‘Well we looked at a lot of the Schools in the area and had quite a choice to be honest. Sean have you beed in the School recently?” 

(Of course we had as do most parents – but of course with the work I carry out possibly I have more than most) 

“Well when we came here we felt instantly it was right for us as a family – the photos on all the walls showed us how much the School care about their children – We want our children to be a part of this.!

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up at this comment and a rush of satisfaction ran through me – I never did tell them I did these Storyboards just a smile on my face in agreement.

We love what we do, the students love what we do, and the parents too, but most of all Ousted and Important visitors do too.

Talk to us about your thoughts on Storyboards and School marketing and how we can help you

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