Booking a “Dance Photoshoot” and what is it like?

What happens in a dance shoot is it for me?

Dance Photographer solihull
Ballet Photographer

Dance photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the movement, grace, and expression of dancers through still images. We have a deep understanding of dance movements and timing, as well as technical skills in photography to capture this beautiful art.

Here are some tips for you to help us in capturing great dance photos:

  1. Using a fast shutter speed we can freeze the movement of the dance, using a slow shutter speed we see the flow of dance movements. 
  1. We use burst mode without being too technical –  dance moves happen quickly, so using burst mode can help you capture the right sequence of movements.
  1. You can choose to have a studio session with us to produce high end fashion dance styled images or a stage lighting during a show to capture your art live.
  1. The story of the dance is written in the dancer’s eyes – these are the Focus on the dancer’s eyes:these are the window to the soul, and in dance photography, they can convey emotion and passion.
  1. Using interesting angles we help to create unique and dynamic images for you.
  1. Bring a selection of Dance outfits with you so we can create  and style the perfect shot.
  1. Make up and hair will add immensely to your Photoshoot and can be the difference that makes the difference in a shoot.

By following these tips, we can capture together stunning dance photos that showcase the beauty and artistry of dance.

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