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Art Storyboards

By Seano / 23/05/2021

StoryboardsWhat are “Art Storyboards”?  Art Storyboards are a medium of interaction for schools between pupils, parents, teachers and school visitors and inspection teams. Placed on the walls of a school they bring to life the true spirit and life of your School. Where do I use Them?  Commonly placed in Reception areas of the school and into the […]


Award Winning Images

By Seano / 16/05/2020

“A selection of Award winning images from the Vault of Essay Photography.”- Sean O’Shaughnessy Award Winning Images.. Nicholson Nicholson Single CoverWe are proud of our Music Photography and the 35 years or so that I have worked with so many bands. This particular photograph features a Burlesque Dancer Lux De Lioux and was shot for use […]


21st Century ABBA

By Seano / 20/03/2020

Live Music – 21st Century ABBAI was delighted to capture a set of images from 21st Century ABBA’s live show in Birmingham at the Crescent Theatre. Together with my colleague Peter was captured a set of images of this fantastic band. ABBA fans these are a must to go see.a fantastic 2 hour show with […]


Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot

By Seano / 23/01/2020

Lifestyle Family Photoshoot“Some times the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”Winnie the Pooh So what is a family Lifestyle shoot? Where do we go for our Photo Shoot?For your Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot we want you to have a set of dynamic lifestyle portraits, meaning not looking too formal, but showing […]