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Award Winning Images

“A selection of Award winning images from the Vault of Essay Photography.”

- Sean O'Shaughnessy

Award Winning Images..

Nicholson Single Cover

We are proud of our Music Photography and the 35 years or so that I have worked with so many bands.

This particular photograph features a Burlesque Dancer Lux De Lioux and was shot for use as a cover of an original song "Take a Moment by Nicholson a Britpop outfit from the west Midlands.  

Fashion Shoot

A shoot in the woods inspired by a Nymph concept led to a Highly Commended image with the MPA shoot locally in woodland with Alice

Belvoir Wedding

One of the best settings from a wedding we shot in Belvoir Castle nr Nottingham. A Spectacular setting in King Henry VIII home with Dan and Michelle on their wedding day.

L'Oreal Colour Trophy

A Head shot image entered into the L'oreal Colour Trophy of Yasmin de Christie with a Silver award from the MPA and Qualifing image for L'oreal Finalist Hairdressers

Runaway Bride

A post - wedding day capture of Justine from her wedding day sequence of her marriage to Craig. This has draw great attention from many - including an amarican horse magazine and awareded Silver from the MPA. 

Flour Power - Dance

Dance photography is one of the most expressive and beautiful form captured in our portfolios. This one of Millie won Silver award - Second Place in the New Entrant to the MPA awards in 2019  

Demi - Singer / Songwriter

First saw Demi when she was busking on the streets of Birmingham - a real talent this was taken for a shoot for her EP. Check out her music at: https://www.demimarriner.co.uk/

Craig & Kim

Highly Commended Image with the MPA for this photograph taken at Craig and Kim's wedding in Alcester.

British Men's Haidressing Awards

Image from the British Mens Hairdressing awards with L'Oreal with Hairdresser Victor. Highly Commended award with MPA


Solihull Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographer - Solihull

Your Local Wedding Photographer in Solihull.

You are very welcome to browse around our site and view some of our past weddings please feel free to call me, Skype me, Email me or text me for further information on our wedding offers. We have taken the step of limiting our bookings so the weddings we do are more special and we have more time to offer you a bespoke service incorporating “that little bit EXTRA” that is not on offer elsewhere…

We have built up a reputation of being the “Unobtrusive Photographer” at your wedding and we provide beautiful and relaxed wedding photography in a variety of locations from castles to churches and some of the finest hotels in the area.  We believe we are there to Create and Capture Beautiful images for you. We are NOT there to be the focal part of your day!

– Sean


Why Choose Us?

I get to do what I love for work. There are not many people who get up and enjoy their working week, but I feel blessed every day when I get my camera in my hand and I get to work with creative and inspiring people. My camera paints with Light s and make things happen. I excel at this because I absolutely love it- and it comes natural. I have the deepest passion for what I do..


What we do..

We offer a pre-wedding meet to discuss your requirements for the most important day of your life and we work out what YOU really want to cover for your day. We get to know each other before your wedding day so you feel relaxed and at ease when we capture some of the most precious moments of your life as they unfold before you. The images are timeless and will bring back the Wedding day to life whenever you look through your album in the years to come.

What we DONT do:

we don’t dictate your day, we DONT rush off out when you sit down for your wedding Breakfast. We DONT annoy your wedding Guests with lengthy photographs.

We are here to make your day run smoothly and above all enjoyable for you and your guests!!


What we don't do..

What we DONT do:

we don’t dictate your day, we DONT rush off out when you sit down for your wedding Breakfast. We DONT annoy your wedding Guests with lengthy photographs.

We are here to make your day run smoothly and above all enjoyable for you and your guests!!


What to Expect from us..

What to expect from us:

•Meet at the Brides house for preparation shots of the Bridal party getting ready

•Over to the Groom to capture the Lads preparations (location and time allowing – or second photographer)

•Back with the Bride for the all important last shots with her DAD as a single woman and Dressed Bridal images

•Arrivals of the Groom and men at the ceremony and capture the Brides arrival and Bridesmaid PHotographs

•Ceremony Photographs and Signing of the Registry

•Images of the newly married couple and you exit the ceremony, Family images Confetti Photographs

•We leave you to have some time with your guests at the Wedding Breakfast and Reception and we take documentary style images of the guests enjoying themselves.

•Selective groupings are taken of the Bridal party’s Requests and we release you to enjoy time with your guests


21st Century ABBA

Live Music - 21st Century ABBA

I was delighted to capture a set of images from 21st Century ABBA's live show in Birmingham at the Crescent Theatre. Together with my colleague Peter was captured a set of images of this fantastic band. ABBA fans these are a must to go see.

a fantastic 2 hour show with costume changes and a myriad of songs from ABBA got the whole audience up dancing - what a fantastic night

21st century ABBA

Nina, Indrija, Marcus and Greg are 21st Century ABBA and they will fly you back to the time when ABBA ruled the pop music world!  Playing all the hits and unforgettable ABBA songs with rocking guitar solos and the breathtaking piano parts.  And let’s not forget, they really look look quite like the fab four too! All the songs are performed live on stage, so come on! Join them at their next gig.

21st century ABBA

Confidence Boost

"The most powerful thing as a portrait photographer does is to capture my clients in their authentic element. But this moment of magic only happens when you really own who you are."

- A shoot with Essay Photography

I have no confidence for a photo shoot -We see this all the time “I am just too Nervous to have my portrait taken!” Have a Confidence Boost Photo Shoot.

We see this conflict play out almost every time a client steps in front of the camera. All it takes is a lens to trigger insecurities and self-doubt. Fear not!! Now its you Time!!

Most of us are unnecessarily hard on ourselves. We are too busy being busy our busy lives take over. We do not allow ourselves time to show ourselves a little love - but a little goes a long long way.

It’s all about your Inner you! - But I’m too busy! I hear you! These are comfortable excuses. So now its time to get real with yourself!

When was the last time that:

  • you gave yourself a compliment?
  • glance in the mirror and thought, “Hey I look amazing?

New Moms

for example are lucky just to have time to get in a shower everyday.

A new mom may get to organize a newborn baby Photoshoot. But what about herself?

She could treat herself to a post-baby photoshoot to tap back into her confidence and true essence.

Sometimes we forget the other important things….

to feel happy

to feel great in their own skin

to allow themselves to be captured for their true beauty


We often invest in a photoshoot by a trigger to capture a milestone:

a first pregnancy,

an engagement or

a family special occasion.

Unfortunately society has coached us how we should look; FB, Instagram, the press etc its time to drop these false ideas and get real with yourself and find that true beauty that is you!!

The New You!!

Owning your power, beauty and strength doesn’t just happen. You have to start to change the tone of your relationship with yourself. So how do you begin to truly feel as gorgeous, lovable and amazing as you are !

Boosting confidence takes a small bit of encourage and guidance and we WIL HELP you to discover this. This is a Confidence Boost Photo Shoot after all!

"The most powerful thing as a portrait photographer does is to capture my clients in their authentic element. But this moment of magic only happens when you really own who you are."


Here are some little tricks we do on your photo shoot, and you can try these at home too…

Mirror Work

Genuinely smile at yourself in the mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Spend time picking out qualities that you love. Give yourself a compliment because you’re beautiful!

Practice this regularly to change the conversation with yourself and learn how to appreciate who you really are.

On your shoot

I work closely with clients to zero-in on what makes them feel most comfortable and beautiful. Choosing favourite outfits that accentuate your favourite features. This is an important part of  your confidence boost.

What do you wear? Well truthfully it is what you feel most comfortable in. Some of our clients wear less as they become empowered which is their choice not ours. Burt in essence the shoot is yours and it is for you to decide what makes you feel comfortable and how daring you choose to be.

Click to see more details on our Beauty shoot

Getting in your Body

Going for a walk or dancing are proven known methods to clear your mind. Why? Because when you get out of your head and into your body, your script (quiet anxiety and negative voice) disappears.

On your shoot with us your photographer and make up artist, you’ll start to relax and feel powerful in a different way. We take time to connect on a personal level. We have your favourite music playing – and most importantly – we laugh a lot. This process we find everyone thinks is liberating. You will be your most real self in all your glory.


Self Care

Self care looks different to every person. Busy women often put everyone else in their lives first before themselves. It may feel counterintuitive, but when you give yourself time and space to recharge, you have more to give.

When you feel confident and like yourself, you make a more powerful impact in the lives of loved ones.

This is the single biggest factor in boosting your confidence.

Getting your hair and makeup done goes a long way to making you feel confident – but it’s not for the reason you might think. It’s less about looking a certain way, and more about prioritizing yourself and zeroing in on a look that represents the best version of you.

You need to recharge too, you are the glue in the family that keeps it ticking, like a well-oiled machine.​


What you will Get from your Photo Shoot

Imagine a way that could make you feel like you’re glowing for months to come?

Imagine, if you could own your immense power, grace, beauty and confidence and carry it with you, like armor through the hard times?

Treating yourself as a priority is powerful and empowering. After our photo session there is nothing better than when my clients say to me “Wow, thats ME? I look so beautiful!

Our Portrait sessions are a fantastic way to seeing your beauty and worth in a bigger way giving you long-term benefits. You will find this is more empowering than one afternoon massage or a new outfit. This is your Confidence Boost.


Our “Fine Art Portrait Sessions” are for you to show the world who you really are, in your element!

Designed to deliver a selection of empowering photos for you to cherish and share as a gift with loved ones. Or just for yourself.

As part of a portrait session, you’ll receive:

a pre-session consultation

wardrobe and style advice

professional hair and makeup styling

editing for the best images

a review of your images

an enlargement in a mounted frame

a small set of Social Media Images included


Investing in self-love is never selfish. Its the opposite. When we are feeling our best, it allows us to give our best selves to our partners, children, families, friends and coworkers. Although, I truly believe this is a priority for every woman, the women I see who need this most are the ones in your life who put everyone else first and disconnected from their essence: new moms, burnt-out entrepreneurs, and busy women doing it all”.

If you know a someone (or yourself) like this, who deserves to see herself as you see her, consider giving the gift of a photography package to boost her confidence and make her remember the Wonder Woman that she is! If you are this woman, treat yourself. You deserve it!


Ready to capture your authentic beauty?

Find out more about my portrait package by
signing up for a free half hour consultation call.

Solihull Photographer

Solihull Photography

“Essay Photography we turn your stories into pictures to tell a bigger story - Life made memories.”

Sean O'Shaughnessy

Professional Photographic Services

Solihull Photographer - Essay Photography for all your family and business needs based in the West Midlands. See a list of Photogrphic services we offer.

  • Professional School photography company founded in 2008. Professional Corporate photography for Schools and Academies. We offer a full photographic and design service to the Education network,
  • Individual Portraits
  • Class Portraits
  • Sports Photography
  • Prospectus and Website photography
  • Prom Photography

Our aim is to delight parents and boost your School's profile. For Instance our photography brings your school to life, by exhibiting exciting and engaging images. Check out our Storyboards! Our image can be used on your Website or similarly in your prospectus. We partner with the best in print services to make your school stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Photography

  • Professional solihull photographer for your business.
  • We are a one stop shop for instance,
  • Head shot images of your directors and staff
  • Pack Shot photography of your products
  • Display works for exhibitions.

In Conclusion our images speak for you. Contact us to discuss your Corporate needs. Above all we are a reliable competitive service for businesses.

Not just an ordinary portrait! We look to produce stylised classic portraits of natural beauty of your family, Children and Pets. we produce bright vivid works of art. In conclusion an established limited company family business that works for you.


Solihull's professional Photography Service exceeding clients expectations above all we are - The Portrait Artists. Creating masterpieces for you, your family or your business.

Award winning Wedding Image from The Master Photographer's Association


Dance Photography Session

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

Vibrant Professional Photos


Dance photography Session 

Our dance photography session with Essay Photography - West Midlands Based - Join us for a portfolio shoot of a selection of dance moves which means you get to produce some stunning images. These are to keep forever showing your ability and achievement in Dance. Contact us for your session at Essay Photography below..

We book 2 hour shoot sessions for dancers in a professional studio set up. Which Means you get professional Photographs from all your dance styles. Bring your dance gear and dresses and create some magic!  We offer Green screen and contemporary studio images meaning limitless Background choices. see below for some of our photos and ideas in conclusion why not find out more??

Please feel free to contact us below to discuss your requirements..

Dance Photography in the West Midlands

Street Dance

We photograph various street dances with the style of, urban dance, These originated from the college dance scene. Many dance schools choreograph dances - bring along your music and we will capture your different street dance styles. All your fundamental moves, such as house, locking, and popping.


Ballet Dance

The beauty and grace of Ballet are second to none. We Create the beauty and elegance of Ballet. Above all most importantly you will have some awesome images for life. 

All your ballet stances and moves captured in one session.


Contemporary Dance 

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. We capture the fluid dance movements of the dancer to create beautiful portraits, Likewise Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music too.

Book a Dance Photo session now and live your best life though your dance photos!

More dance info on our web page: https://essayphotography.co.uk/dance-photography/

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Beauty Photoshoot

"Beauty Photoshoot"

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

What Happens at our Beauty shoots?

On Your Arrival


When you arrive at your Beauty Photoshoot your  music will be playing ready for your arrival - we ask you at our pre-consultation for a music list. Once you sit down with our make up artist and choose your outfits and then she will settle you in discuss your make up and hair and then the magic begins!! Our Make Up Artist will spoil you and teach you a few tricks and share ideas on how she sees you and prepares you for the shoot. A change of look is offered mid session if you require it.

Have a look at our Web Page:


It's Shoot Time..


Once you are ready we will select the outfit you are most comfortable in and we then create some beautiful Images that will delight you. Posing and styling is left to us and we will direct you and share some images for you to look through and agree what you feel comfortable in. No pressure just a pleasure-able experience.

a few suggestions for clothing:

Asos:  https://www.asos.com/

Pretty Little Thing: https://www.prettylittlething.com/

  • For Lingerie look at the following:
  • Boux avenue:  https://www.bouxavenue.com/
  • La Senza:         https://www.lasenza.com/gb/
  • Temptations:  http://temptations-lingerie.co.uk/
  • Post Shoot


    Once you are happy we have produced some beautiful images from your Beauty Photoshoot with you, and you are super happy, you go back to normality and we go about creating the magic to present your images to you. On the day we will share some "sneak Peeks" so you'll be confident in knowing right away how amazing you look!

    Book a Photo Session Now & receive our FREE Guide


    For more details visit our dedicate page: https://essayphotography.co.uk/beauty-makeover/

    Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot

    Lifestyle Family Photoshoot

    “Some times the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

    Winnie the Pooh

    So what is a family Lifestyle shoot?

    Where do we go for our Photo Shoot?

    For your Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot we want you to have a set of dynamic lifestyle portraits, meaning not looking too formal, but showing your family in a stylised setting.

     We pick a location that suits your family, usually including something you enjoy together - a nice personal setting will be key in your photos.

    What do we wear?

    Make sure you’re all comfortable in what you’re wearing. If something is too tight, or you feel self-conscious, you won’t relax and it will show in the photographs. For that reason it’s best to choose a favourite outfit; something you always feel good in.

    Bring a little help...

    A great way to make a photograph special is to bring along something that’s very personal to you. For example it could be related to a hobby, your favourite sport, a book that means something to you, or if you play a musical instrument – bring it along… within reason of course!

    What should i do next?

     We have a mini guide we can send you to help prepare for your family Lifestyle Photo Shoot. Children looking uninterested and not engaged will not produce the best images so we have a few tips for you to look at to enable your children to be themselves and act naturally throughout the shoot.

    More information on our webpage lifestyle Portraits: https://essayphotography.co.uk/lifestyle-portriats/

    Below is a link to request a Brochure - simply fill it in, we can send you this in return and set you on your journey.. to wonderful family images

    Lifestyle Photo Shoot

    Grab a free copy of our Guide Now!


    Choosing a School Photographer

    What you need to consider:

    What does a Professional School Photographer do?

    Choosing a school photographer?

    If you search a list of “School Photographers” you will get a quick list of results. Of course you also have the brochures from pail mail ins too. So now its time to review them… and make a choice

    School & Pre-school photography is a highly specialised business. It relies upon the skill of the Photographer to get Volume images at speed, that will please your school’s Parents.

    The Photographer will need to not just produce great photographic Images on the day but also have great technical knowledge and experience.

    Your choice of Photographer should also be backed up a National Photography Association giving you the confidence you are using a true professional. I am a Qualified member of the MPA (Master Photographer's Association)

    We offer traditional parent pack photos for Pre-Schools, Primary, Secondary Schools and Academies. We also Produce:

    • Prospectus and Website images. 
    • Storyboard display presentations
    • Other Marketing Photograpgs for PR
    • Prom photography. 

    A true all encompassing service for schools.

    Understanding Photographer's Insurance 

    Every Professional Photographer should carry Full public liability insurance cover to protect the School is not liable for any accidents thus that the blame doesn’t fall to the School. You must ensure your photographer has this to protect you. Also as a School Governor the level of service and support is second to none with Essay Photography.

    Safeguarding for children and GDPR regulations are all factors to consider in your choice of Photographer and how they deal in these delicate aspects

    National School Photography Companies and Your Local Professional Photographer – What is Best?

    You may catch sight of some beautiful sample photos on the Photography company’s website, but how do you know these photos have been taken by the photographer you’ll be using?

    Inevitably these will not have been taken by your photographer. In most cases the photographer in large companies are part time workers and have no input post taking the images.

    We take pride in taking the images, editing and production of these by the same pair of hands. We use Local printing company to protect the local economy.

    Many larger companies take on new photographers from adverts saying ‘no experience needed’ who are then sent out to Schools after a very short period of training. This approach doesn’t replace real photographic knowledge and experience built up over years. Often you may get a different photographer every year and the calibre of the work may vary. This practice is likely to affect sales and result in complaints from parents.

    Schools & Pre-schools are now recognising that a smaller company can approach their needs producing a much higher quality of photographic image and provide a flexible service at a much lower cost to parents. With the same photographer year on year.​​​​​


    Storyboard Photography

    Storyboard in Schools are a source of engagement and have a WOW factor. It engages Pupils and visitors alike producing something a little bit different.

    We love to show the spirit and soul of a School and our Story Boards do exactly that.


    School Photographer


    We have completed projects in many many schools and our boards are future proof – they are refillable saving much needed school funds. The storyboards or as some people call them artboards are unique. We design these individually each board for each school. Some Schools have 5 of them others have 72 of them. The solution to your engagement with parents, pupils and important visitors is totally scaleable.

    Boards with dynamic Sport artwork to science to humanities to MFL – the options are endless

    More information about our school photography can be found at: https://essayphotography.co.uk/school-photography/