Professional Photography Pricing Guide

We  understand that investing in a Professional Photographer is a huge decision. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable review of cost information to help you budget for your next project. We hope this cost and pricing guide will help you to develop an initial budget and a plan for your School / Academy or Business project. The Toal cost for any project will vary with the size and scope of the project for which we know we will be affordable.

For some of the all common questions people have when investing in a Professional Photographer is covered in one of our FREE eBook guides:

There are three things to consider when researching the cost of Photography:

  • The initial purchase price for a Day Rate
  • The cost of Products associated the project 
  • The combination of Services on offer

First, let's take a look at the initial cost of a day rate - there are different ways that a day rate is charged 

  • Day Rate per Half or full day
  • Integrated into the product
  • Free Turn-key Photo Day (Schools) with Buy back options

Let's take a look at each to learn more.

Day Rates
  • A standard day rate for Photography is Chargeable for Delivery of Images via Download. Commonly these are charged between £250 - £695 dependant upon the Project and Edit Requirements for the images supplied. 
  • Integrated into the product meaning the Products supplied bear the initial photography costs and thus not charged in their own right.
  • Turn Key Photo Day allows for free photography day rate and the return of sales would compensate for the time taken at the shoot - commonly Known as Parent Packs

The Cost of Products

With a variety of options available for Photography the cost of products will vary depending upon the choice of output. In our meeting we can discuss these options with you for a cost to suit your budget. We provide Marketing Images, Headshot Portraits, Branding Projects, Videos and Storyboard Projects. Prices start from £99 for Headshot Portrait sessions.

Combination of Services

A combination of video and Images together will save on the investment costs of your project. For example in a School/Academy project we will capture Images and video with will give an output for mini corporate video / West Images / Prospectus Images / Storyboard Project - all from one session of work, making an extremely attractive proposition for a School/Academy.