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“A special time to capture beautiful portrait images to last you a lifetime”

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Your Beauty Makeover Experience is here!!
We choose a Boutique Hotel location for an extra special feel to your Beauty Makeover Shoot. This provides you with a beautiful backdrop for your special photos and provide a lovely stylised feel to your precious images.

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Click the sign me up button at the bottom. We will then contact you to chat through what you are looking for and give you some suggestions. This is an exciting and empowering experience that you will love. We can then put your and our ideas into action setting up a time and location for your Photo Shoot Experience.


On your selected day we will meet with your make up artist at the boutique location and she will settle you in and go through your clothes and set the style. She will then set your make up style and prepare your hair and clothes ready for the Photo Shoot where you will be pampered, and have fantastic photographs taken for you to see.


We offer you some sneek previews to whet your apetite and book a photograph review session so you can enjoy a slideshow and prints from your experience. We have lots of presentation ideas on offer that will delight you. After selecting these will will have them professionally printed and back to you in two weeks

Before and After images..


Any Concerns .. we answer them here!


Do you feel you are held back, but destined for much more?

  In our world full of social-media sought perfection, we feel the pressure to compare and compete. Sadly lots of women don’t feel good enough, or beautiful enough or young enough in their own skin. This is our goal to banish those thoughts and to help everyone redefine themselves... and help create a safe haven to let to their inner beauty, power, radiance and confidence shine through.

Book now for a life changing empowering Beauty shoot - we WILL change the way you feel and you can then venture on with new found confidence.

I need to loose weight first..

  Oh no you don’t - we will strategically pose and light you in ways that will be flattering to you. Anyone – young and old, all shapes, sizes and ages – can do this. This empowering Portrait Experience is designed to highlight & draw out your unique inner beauty!

I am not sure I can justify spending on myself..

  This is your time - time for self indulgence - a time to capture and freeze your beauty - a time to celebrate You. We offer simple packages at affordable prices and you can spread the cost over payment terms.Our Framed Photos start from £75-00 and on the wall art go up from there.
Our beautiful big Folio Box packages start at £295-00 and there are packages beyond to suit all budgets and tastes.
The final images are your choice. There is no hard sell what so ever! It’s my job to take the best portraits of you so you’ll LOVE & cherish them so you want them all! Everything you purchase in your beautiful Digital Collection will also be given to you in Print as it will Digitally.

Book Today with special offer of £200 Voucher Credit* 

*Applies to Finesse collections and above

Our Beauty Makeover Photo Shoots include the following:

  • Make Over Experience with Qualified Make Up Artist
  • Photo Shoot with professionally edited Images
  • Free Makeover Guide booklet to assist you
  • Jewelled Heart USB of Digital images from the prints you have ordered

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