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Photos are important when you have them - But not as important as when it is all you have left...

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Where we shoot

We choose a natural setting for our family lifestyle portraits which means you will have a better backdrop for your photo shoot. Our family Lifestyle portraits evoke emotion and feeling which means you will have great memories of our time together.

We love to set your family in beautiful surroundings which are meaningful to you and portray a unique portrait and feeling for your family

We meet at a location, that you / we  have choose. Your photographs are taken in the familiar surroundings. Choosing your garden, home, a stately home, woods, or somewhere special to you. This way your children will relax and have fun. it is this enjoyment that what will result in making fun images. Real authentic images showing your family’s personalities.


How we shoot

Our Lifestyle Portraits show the closeness of your family making this a special time to share some special moments together. Our generational family portraits are priceless to a family. These pieces of art are precious time capsules that you can never get back. A true gift of time and family unity.


What we offer

We start with a chat of what you would like to achieve. Find find what you would like to display them as. Perhaps an album , a set of mounted prints or Wall art.

These are professionally edited and then presented back to you in your home.

A week or so after our shoot we will get together and share with you the carefully edited images and the display options for you. We do this in your home which means there’s no hard sell. It’s all flexible and stress-free.


Your Investment

The family session fee is £135 at weekends and is paid for at the time of booking. This includes the session itself, initial editing of the images and a viewing consultation. 

One Enlargement is included with your session.

There is a reduced double session fee for maternity and newborns of £195 at weekends. A second, newborn session, also at your home is included.

There is a no-quibble guarantee: if you are not happy with any of the images at the viewing which means you have confidence that you will get the results you want. I will happily re-schedule a new photo-session or return your payment if you are not happy.

Remember / Your Guarantee

It is common place to have images sat on our phones but do less with them. They languish on phones and hard drives, only to disappear in years to come. Your beautiful portraits that you’ve fallen in love with, need to be shown in amazing wall displays, or in luxury albums that will last for generations.


All the options described here are the best quality I can find – museum grade finishes, archival quality, and printed to the highest standards by top professional labs. In addition, if any item you purchase is accidentally damaged or fails in some way, I will replace it free of charge, within 5 years of the date of purchase.

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