Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Lifestyle Family Photoshoot

“Some times the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Winnie the Pooh

So what is a family Lifestyle shoot?

Where do we go for our Photo Shoot?

For your Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot we want you to have a set of dynamic lifestyle portraits, meaning not looking too formal, but showing your family in a stylised setting.

 We pick a location that suits your family, usually including something you enjoy together - a nice personal setting will be key in your photos.

What do we wear?

Make sure you’re all comfortable in what you’re wearing. If something is too tight, or you feel self-conscious, you won’t relax and it will show in the photographs. For that reason it’s best to choose a favourite outfit; something you always feel good in.

Bring a little help...

A great way to make a photograph special is to bring along something that’s very personal to you. For example it could be related to a hobby, your favourite sport, a book that means something to you, or if you play a musical instrument – bring it along… within reason of course!

What should i do next?

 We have a mini guide we can send you to help prepare for your family Lifestyle Photo Shoot. Children looking uninterested and not engaged will not produce the best images so we have a few tips for you to look at to enable your children to be themselves and act naturally throughout the shoot.

More information on our webpage lifestyle Portraits: https://essayphotography.co.uk/lifestyle-portriats/

Below is a link to request a Brochure - simply fill it in, we can send you this in return and set you on your journey.. to wonderful family images

Lifestyle Photo Shoot

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