Brand Photography – The Details

The Details - Our Story

This is in essence is the art of using high quality photographs  graphics and visuals to tell the story of your business and connect to your client.

Businesses "Brand" themselves to create a more powerful presence to customers, The brand itself is inline with the customers you want to attract and repel those you don't saving you time and wasted money.

So how do we do this?

We offer 3 simple options to choose from built to suit your budget.

Option One - One Hour Brand Shoot

this is where we start for entry level Corporate branding. We have a consultation to discuss your business and its reach and aspirations and we plan a shoot at a location in keeping of your brand. During the shoot we aim to capture 40 or more images bringing your Business to life.

Option Two - Three Hour Brand Shoot. (the most popular)

For this 3 hour option we cover the above consultation but with a 3 hour time span reproduce so much more content and visuals for your business 150 plus images and visuals at a location we decide fits your business best. We offer additional Products too within this package including a Promo Video and Social Media Calendar to help you with the use of the images and visuals and how best to use them.

Option Three - 1 Year long package. This is the most comprehensive way to Brand your business. This encompasses 4 seperate 3 hour long brand shoots. spread in 3 monthly intervals. We tend to find that this is usually for clients who have completed a  3 hour Brand Shoot and then upgrade to the 1 year package if they feel their business requires it. Clients upgrade to this usually at a later date. The 4 shoots throughout the year provide  you so much more content and covers seasonality for a company, We can discuss the benefits of this option if this appeals to you.

Brand Photography Birmingham

The Problem:

What does my Brand stand for?

Who is it appealing to?

What do I post?

Where do I post?

What do I need to Write?

How often should I be doing this?

How effective is my Brand?

The Solution:

Brand Photography shoots will enable you to push out a positive message speaking clearly to your clients. You will be taken more seriously and feel empowered with self belief. You will be enabled with:

More time in your business

No Procrastination worries

Will have a consistent look and feel to your business

You will stand out in your market place

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