Beauty Photoshoot

"Beauty Photoshoot"

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

What Happens at our Beauty shoots?

On Your Arrival


When you arrive at your Beauty Photoshoot your  music will be playing ready for your arrival - we ask you at our pre-consultation for a music list. Once you sit down with our make up artist and choose your outfits and then she will settle you in discuss your make up and hair and then the magic begins!! Our Make Up Artist will spoil you and teach you a few tricks and share ideas on how she sees you and prepares you for the shoot. A change of look is offered mid session if you require it.

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It's Shoot Time..


Once you are ready we will select the outfit you are most comfortable in and we then create some beautiful Images that will delight you. Posing and styling is left to us and we will direct you and share some images for you to look through and agree what you feel comfortable in. No pressure just a pleasure-able experience.

a few suggestions for clothing:

Asos:  https://www.asos.com/

Pretty Little Thing: https://www.prettylittlething.com/

  • For Lingerie look at the following:
  • Boux avenue:  https://www.bouxavenue.com/
  • La Senza:         https://www.lasenza.com/gb/
  • Temptations:  http://temptations-lingerie.co.uk/
  • Post Shoot


    Once you are happy we have produced some beautiful images from your Beauty Photoshoot with you, and you are super happy, you go back to normality and we go about creating the magic to present your images to you. On the day we will share some "sneak Peeks" so you'll be confident in knowing right away how amazing you look!

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