Art Storyboards



What are “Art Storyboards”?

 Art Storyboards are a medium of interaction for schools between pupils, parents, teachers and school visitors and inspection teams. Placed on the walls of a school they bring to life the true spirit and life of your School.

Where do I use Them? 

Commonly placed in Reception areas of the school and into the corridors they give a strong impact full feel to the school and a sense of belonging.

Why do I need Storyboards?

As a part of the process in attraction to draw parents to your school in the admission process they are a great way to engage parents in the curriculum and benefits that your school can offer over competing schools.

What are the Benefits to Storyboards?

Teacher displays that need to be produced are now lessoned giving back time to teachers. The school mission statements are brought to the forefront in Student's minds. We ensure the full curriculum is on show throughout the project. The impact to a school is a big game changer in many ways.

School Storyboards

What do Parents and Students think about them?

Both parents and students alike love the images on display and are proud to see them displayed on the walls. It brings a sense of belonging and pride to the students. On the day the Storyboards are mounted and ready to be seen there is a real buzz and excitement throughout the school - something that gives us great pride to have initiated and worked with the school to create. This is a Project done for you.

What do OFSTED think about them?

During inspection visits by OFSTED they always remark to the staff about the Portraits in our Storyboards and how well the set the school off.

Can I afford them, are they expensive?

Cost is always a concern to schools and we are mindful of this particularly as a School Governor myself, we all need to see value in the propositions we review. The Art Storyboards we offer are future-proof in that they are a refillable solution thus have a low cost point in future years to change the images. Often we find ways to have these paid for for the School and use a phased approach in brining them in.

How many Storyboards are in a project?

Every School we visit is different and we bespoke requirements to each School. We Have a variety of Schools with 5 or 6 boards up to 54 Storyboards.

How have these Storyboards benefited a school?

We have found these to be a great source for Schools in improvement programs and the have helped schools in rebranding and achieving good to outstanding reviews. It is often these small succulent additions that will make a school outstanding from good.


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